Deaths in Everest Base Camp

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The deaths in Everest Base Camp are relatively rare. The death rate of trekkers trekking to Everest Base Camp is 0.003 which is very less. As it is the base camp of the world’s tallest summit trekkers may have risk of getting altitude sickness. Most of the deaths are caused by severe altitude sickness and trekking during bad weather conditions. Moreover, Everest Base Camp itself is susceptible to avalanches such as the devastating avalanche of 2015 that claimed the lives of 19 climbers. 

The statistics for deaths of people climbing Mount Everest are readily available while there are no official records for deaths that occur during Base Camp Trek and related routes thus, it is very hard to determine the death rates of people trekking to EBC.

It is better to hire a guide or porter if you are travelling alone for your personal safety and if you are travelling with friends then they might provide you physical and mental support. The most common cause for death during Everest Base Camp is altitude so it is very important to walk slowly and have proper acclimatization. 

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