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Everest Base Camp is the most popular trekking destinations with so many wonderful views and unfamiliar trekking trials. Most of the people frequently asked questions is, what you exactly need to bring trekking to Everest Base Camp? As it is itself one of the daunting tasks ever, here are some of the lists which you will need to have while trekking to the Everest Base Camp. 

Clothing list for Everest Base Camp Trek.

You need to be very conscious while packing your clothing to Everest Base Camp. As you will gain a lot of altitude and also walk for several hours a day you need to pack warm, multi-layered and comfortable clothing. Here are the lists of clothing that you need to have on your trek to Everest Base Camp. 

Breathable Underwear 

As the Everest Base Camp is a long days trek and you will need to walk for 4-8 hours every day where your body will accumulate lot of sweat. In such case underwear will be usable only up to 3 days and it starts to smell after that. So you will need to carry 4-5 pair moisture wicking and breathable underwear. 

Base Layer

Base layer will be very effective during the lower temperatures. It makes you feel warmer and more comfortable by reducing the airflow. You will need to carry 2 top and 1 bottom base layer for your trek to Everest Base Camp. 

Insulation Layer

Insulation layer is the layer of clothing that you wear outside the Base layer. Wearing layered clothing helps to keep the warm air trapped between the layers and makes you feel warmer than single layer clothing. An insulation layer for your torso would be enough. 

Third Layer

Third layer consists of warm waterproof jackets and trousers which is one of the most important layers of clothing. The third layer is the most costly layer of clothing and also the one that lasts the longest. A pair of Jackets and Trousers would be enough for Everest Base Camp Trek. 

General Trekking Gear list for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Trekking Trousers and Shorts 

A pair of trekking trousers and shorts would be enough. It will be necessary for trekking in lower altitude where the temperature is moderate. 

Trekking Shirts

Buy trekking shirts that have long and short sleeves and is breathable and light weighted. Nylon, merino or quick drying polyester will be ideal. Try to avoid cotton shirts as they observe sweat quickly and may be discolor very soon. A total of 5 trekking shirts would be enough for Everest Base Camp Trek. 

Waterproof Shell Jacket and Trousers

Waterproof Shell Jacket and Trousers are a must in any seasons. There is frequent rainfall during summer and small rainfall during any season. One pair of waterproof Shell Jacket and Trousers would be enough.

Headwear List for Everest Base Camp Trek


A hat that covers your face and neck from the sun is a must. Buy a hat that is lightweight and easy to pack. This is a very important headwear for your trek.

Beanie or Headband

A Beanie is a must to protect your head and ears from cold when you go closer to the Everest Base Camp. Buy a good beanie to make your head and ear feel protected. 

Neck Gaiter

Neck Gaiter is a must have and one of the cheapest item. It helps to prevent you from cough and protects your face and neck from the cold. It also avoids unwanted particles from entering to your mouth.


A pair of inner gloves and outer gloves is another must have item in your list. A pair of light inner gloves and warm waterproof outer gloves would be enough. Make sure your outer gloves are warm and well insulted if you are planning to do Everest base Camp with Island Peak. 

Footwear List for Everest Base Camp Trek

Quality and comfort is a must while choosing footwear for Everest Base Camp Trek. To avoid aches and blisters during the trek you must invest on buying comfortable and durable footwear and make sure you have worn it few times before the trek because new boots may give you blisters during trek. Here’s some of the list of footwear you need to have on your trek to EBC. 

Hiking Boots 

The right size of the boot matters than the brand of the boot. Buy a pair of hiking boot that is right size and has good ankle support, waterproof upper and comfortable to walk with and also you can tie/untie the laces. 

Trekking Shoes/Sandals 

Pack a pair of comfortable trekking shoes/sandals just to roam around the places you will stay to feel comfortable after walking for hours on trekking boots. 

Hiking Socks

Buy 5-6 pair of breathable hiking socks for Everest Base Camp Trek. Avoid cotton socks as they aren’t good choice for hiking shoes. 

Warm Thermal Socks 

You will need warm thermal socks at the higher altitudes which have cold climatic conditions. A pair of warm thermal socks would be enough to make your feet feel warmer. 

Bags and Backpacks List for Everest Base Camp Trek

Here are the tips for your bag pack. The bag pack depends on whether you will have porter or not and pack your bags accordingly. 

Duffel Bag

If you are willing to have a porter on your Everest Base Camp Trek then it is better to carry 80-90 liter duffel bag made up of waterproof materials. A duffel bag having sturdy zippers and hand and shoulder straps would be very effective and easy to access.


A 60ltr bag pack would be an ideal choice if you aren’t hiring a porter. You can buy any kind of backpack in Kathmandu but the local backpack may not be comfortable for you and branded ones may be expensive so it is better to bring it by your own country. 


A daypack is one of the essential climbing gears that you need to have with you even if you are hiring a porter. It helps to store all the necessary items which you will need regularly with you like water, snacks, tissues, camera and other similar items. 

Sleeping Bags for Everest Base Camp Trek

You must take a warm sleeping bag with you. If you are trekking during winter it is extremely cold and the temperature sometimes reaches to -20°C. So take a warm sleeping bag that provides you extra insulation to have a warm sleep at night.

Personal Gear and Medication List for Everest Base Camp Trek

Here are the basic personal gears that you will need for your Everest Base Camp Trek.

Trekking Towel

It is very necessary to carry a towel with you. You will need it to wipe the sweats or water from your body and to dry up your body after cleaning. 

Pee Funnel or Bottle

It is not compulsory to have a pee funnel or bottle but taking one would not be a waste. You might not get attached toilets at the higher altitude and incase, if you don’t want to go out at cold for pee you can use the bottle. 


This is once in a lifetime journey and you mustn’t miss capturing the moment. At last all you will have is the pictures of the places you’ve been and things you did. So, bring a camera that gives you amazing pictures.  

Portable Battery Charger

It is better to have your own portable charger with you as there is no easy accessibility of electricity at the high mountains and charging would be expensive. Some of the tea houses charges 3-4 $ per hour and the amount would be saved if you have your own charging ports.  

Water Purification Tablets

Most of the health problem arises due to unpurified water. You might get infected by consuming water directly from the resources and bottled mineral water adds the problem of waste management in Everest Base Camp so if you have a water purification tablet you can purify the water by yourself and consume it along the trek.


To prevent from Acute Mountain Sickness you need to bring a Diamox as per the prescription of your doctor. It helps to prevent onset altitude sickness.

General Medications

You should carry your first-aid-kit for cuts and wounds and also carry paracetamol and Imodium in case if you have headaches or diarrhea. 

Other Personal Gear

Other personal gear includes items for your personal care such as sunscreen, lip balm, hand-sanitizers and others as per your need. 

Poles and Headgear List for Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles can be your great travel partner as it helps you a lot and provides comfort to your body and supports your knees and back. It is very important to have a lightweight and adjustable trekking pole for your Everest Base Camp Trek. 


Have sunglasses that offer you 100% UV protection and 80% light reduction. Sun glasses are very essential for your trek. It might be difficult for you to walk in cold with bare eyes and sunglasses also help to prevent from unwanted particles to enter to your eyes. 


Take a headlight with you on your trek to EBC. You will need it when you are setting off in early morning and also can be useful to refresh and roam around the surrounding after walking for a long day. 


Make sure you have packed all the necessary items before you take off to Nepal and double check the items before you take off to Lukla. If you forget any of the items then it can also be bought in Kathmandu but it may not be available at the trekking routes. You can also rent some of the items in Kathmandu as well. So, pack smartly and have a comfortable trekking to Everest Base Camp. 

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