Difficulty of EBC Trek

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Everest Base Camp is regarded as the most strenuous trekking destinations in Nepal. Although, no prior trekking experience is required for this trek but one needs to be physically fit. The difficulty of this trek is also determined by the several factors such as the season of trekking, type of trekker, availability of tea houses, and days for acclimatization in the itinerary. For Everest Base Camp trek person needs to be fit to walk for 5-7 hours a day in an unfamiliar terrain. 

The trekkers must have appropriate trekking gears prior to the season.  As you will be gaining a lot of altitude and the content of oxygen in air becomes lower as you gain altitude, you need to schedule proper acclimatization day to make your body adopt the lower oxygen content in the air. Taking all these factors into considerations, Everest Base Camp is moderate in terms of difficulty. 

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